Only for Freestyle Scootering.

Rules of use

Hi, I am Delos, the Admin.

Here is some simple rules to respect :

- No insults between members.

- Try to write without mistakes, that's more pleasant.

- Respect the members even if they are not with you.

- Use the / Report / or the contact page to help me keep the site clean and serious.

- Of course no pornographic image or avatar.

- Warez and incentives to piracy and racism are prohibited.

- No scams on Scooter Ebay, otherwise I will provide to victim information about you to complain.

- Only Scooter Riders (practicing freestyle scooter) may subscribe, if no I delete.

- Same for photos / videos / groups / polls, not too many spills, a little off topic ok not but not too much.

- If you add an event: only the events related to the freestyle scootering are accepted.

- I offer you a good tool and the only (other than the forum) of communication for us Scooter Riders, thank you not to waste it.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to:

- Remove the message/user banning short or long term.

Thank you.

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