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This is the help/FAQ page. I will update it if i have good questions by you.

How to change the language ?
If you are a member or visitor, you just have to switch with flags at the left.
To be sure to save it for your account, go to "my profile, account details".

Upon registration, what are the details of where I live ?
Only the country and city are required.
This is simply to put your point on the Scooter Riders map.
And most other riders do research including location, so it's very important to find friends/riders.
However, you are free to put all your infos in an app on your profile page.

- The "Featured" label, what is it ?
This is just a label and category. Only those who are pros or who contributes to the world of freestyle scootering
are entitled to that label, but they have no more rights than others, this is just to identify them.

If you think you can get this label, please use the contact form.

- Why do my messages in the site or otherwise are not at the right time?
The website is global, therefore you must change yourself your time zone.
To do this go to profile, account details. Put on the correct time.
You can change the DST Offset too.(+1 -1 etc...)

Feel free to contact me in the contact page.


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